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Quality Policy :

J.P.F.M.P.L aims to become a ZERO DEFECT source of casting based products by implementing and maintaining a Quality Management System,complying with all its requirements and focusing on continual improvement in all the areas of  Business .


 Reduce cost of Quality.
 Increase skill level across the organisation.
 Strive for customer delight .

 Upgrade infrastructural facility.

Safety Policy:

We, at J.P.F.Metacast Pvt.Ltd, are committed to prevent any accident or mishap in our premises by providing all necessary equipment, training, information, proper layout and environment.


 To achieve 'zero' accidents level.
 To prevent wastage of man-days due to accidents and loss of income and misery of the employees.
 To prevent loss of production due to accident.

Environmental Policy:

We, at J.P.F.Metacast Pvt.Ltd, Manufacturing Ferrous Castings are committed to Protect the Envirionment by Continually Improving our Environmental Mangement System practices by:

 Complying with the Legal requirements, Standards and Procedures.
 Minimization and Prevention of Pollution, Energy Conservation, Reduction, Recycle, RE-use and Proper Disposal of Waste.
 Promoting awareness towards Conservation of Natural Resources such as Energy , Water, Oils, Sand and Compressed Air.
 Communicating the policy to all employees and to make it available to the interested parties.
 Improving Work Environment.
 We are committed to prevent accidents by following safety practices and providing Healthier Working Environment.

Material Testing Facilities and Testing:

Green Sand Testing Equipments, Moisture Tester, Permeability Meter, Green Compression Strength Tester, Compactibility Tester O2 and Nobake sand - High dry strength machine.

Chemical Lab:

 Carbon,Silicon Online Analyser (with inbuilt hardness , tensine and microstructure analysis facility). 


 Wet analysis



Physical Testing:

Hardness Tester- BHN and Rockwell
Tensile testing - Universal Tessting Machine- 2% Proof test

Annealing and Stress Relieving facility - Outsourced

Non - Distructive Tests-NDT
 Ultrasonic Inspection - Outsourced.
 Radiography - Outsourced

Metallurgical Testing:

Microstructure Analysis with
 Computerised Digital Camera .
 Online Carbon Silicon Analyser.
 C.E.Meter - Carbon %, carbon equivalent, Silicon %.

Temperature Test:

Portable  and Fix Type Digital Pyrometer

Dimensional Inspection:

Height Vernier, Dial Vernier, Micrometer, Two Co-ordinate Measuring Machine, Granite Surface Plate, Bore Dial Gauge, Go- No- Go Gauges.

Quality Reports:

As per ISO 9001:2000 requirements.
Self Certification - as per customers request.


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