About Us

Think Castings, Think JPF Metacast!

JPF Metacast is a one-stop solution for diverse casting needs up to 600 kg, producing all grades of cast iron and ductile iron. Established in 1981 by experienced technocrats, today we have grown into a trustworthy brand known for our quality focus and customer-centric approach.

We have facilities for production of intricate, pressure tight castings weighing between 1.00 kg to 600 kg, in various grades as per the requirement of Indian and overseas clients, both in machined and un-machined conditions.

Our hi-tech production plant, located at Belgaum in Karnataka, symbolizes a fine synergy of people, processes, practices, and materials.

With facilities for design, production, fettling, painting, and testing integrated under a single roof, we maximize convenience to clients while delivering higher value for money.

JPF Metacast is managed by professionals, assisted by a team of motivated, experienced, committed, and adequately trained workforce. We pride on our culture of continuous improvement and unmatched quality, delivering precision castings as per the customer requirements.

Why Choose Us

Single-point Convenience

We offer one-stop solution for all grades of cast iron and SGI castings, including machining.

Catering to Diverse Needs

Different clients have varying casting needs. We cater to high, low, and ultra-low volumes, with the capability to handle big as well as small sized castings.

Industry-ready Products

We provide ready-for-assembly castings, thereby saving valuable time and effort for our clients.

Full-fledged Laboratory

Placing product quality at the heart of our business, we have a full-fledged Test Lab that houses a variety of hi-end testing equipments.

Right First Time, Every Time

With our single-minded focus on excellence, we eliminate the possibility of defective pieces being delivered and subsequent rejections. We also strive to reduce operational cost, minimize waste, and optimize production efficiency.


To emerge as one of the top players in the Metal Castings market, preferred by clients for our quality focus and professionalism and sought after by employees for our growth- driven work culture.

Our Core Values


We love the art and technique of metal shaping.


We are inspired by the best ethical practices.


Quality is the corner stone of our work culture.


We are driven by rapid business growth and market success.

Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)


At JPF Metacast, we demonstrate care and concern for the environment, both in thought and action. We are deeply committed to reducing waste, recycling waste sand, minimizing pollution and optimizing water & energy use. As a responsible corporate player, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint through our highly optimized production processes.

Health & Safety

Workplace safety is our top priority. The safety and well-being of our people is paramount to us. We adopt best industry practices that foster safety on the shop floor and everywhere in our business premises.

Our Safety Policy

We, at JPF Metacast Pvt. Ltd., are committed to preventing any accident or mishap in our premises by providing all necessary safety equipments, training, information, proper layout and environment.

Our Inspired Growth Story

  • 1981: Inception of JPF Metacast
  • 1992: Establishment of full-fledged Test Lab; globalization initiated
  • 1992: Implementation of Quality Systems
  • 1998: Establishment of dedicated machine shop for Housing Flywheel
  • 1998: First enterprise in North Karnataka to obtain ISO 9001 QMS certification
  • 2000: First enterprise in North Karnataka to obtain QS certification
  • 2010: Shipment of first overseas order
  • 2017: Installation of high pressure moulding line
  • 2017: Capacity augmentation from 200 Tons to 500 Tons
  • 2023: Establishment of new, ultra modern Machine Shop

Group Companies

Prakash Home Industries is the parent company of JPF Metacast Pvt. Ltd., which was established in the year 1960. It is the outcome of the diligent effort and enthusiasm of two dynamic entrepreneurs viz Mr Manohar Pandit and Mr Narayan Pandit.

Originally established to manufacture radial drilling machines, surface grinders, center lathes, etc., Currently under the leadership of Mr Raghunath Narayan Pandit, the company has evolved and acquired additional engineering capabilities over the years. Today, the company is actively engaged in the fabrication of engineering components, such as exhaust manifolds, exhaust outlets, air filters among others. The company is home to a huge Machine Shop, set up to effectively cater to the machining requirements of diverse clients. Key machinery in the Machine Shop include HMC, VMC, VTL, VTM, lathes, drilling machines, milling machines, etc.

List of machines in Prakash Home Industries

Sr.no Name of machine Make Specifications
1 HMC Okuma Table Size 1000mm x 1000mm .
2 HMC Mazak Table size 1200mm x 640mm.
3 HMC AMS Table size 630mm x 630mm.
4 VMC Haas Table Size 1000mm x 660mm.
5 VMC AMS Table Size 1200mm x 650mm.
6 VMC AMS Table Size 1200mm x 650mm.
7 VTL Ace Designers Swing 1000 mm.
8 VTL Conventional Swing 1000 mm.
9 VTM Jagdeep Swing 1200 mm.
10 Washing machine Cleantech 1200 Dia.
11 CMM Accurate 1000/1500/800.