Foundry Facility

From simple jobs to complex castings, our modern moulding setup can cater to various client needs under a one roof.

moulding processes used in our plant include Green Sand, Sodium Silicate Sand, Shell Sand and No Bake Sand.

We use the right moulding technologies depending on client demands. We have

      1. High Pressure Moulding to cater to high volume production.
      2. Hand Moulding process for bigger castings for low and ultra- low volumes.
      3. Shell Moulding for precision castings.

We have the right ancillary equipments such as Sand Mullers, Sand Mixers and sand plant to support our main moulding processes. We also have a Sand Reclamation Plant that facilitates our inspired green initiative.

List of machines in Foundry Name Specifications
1 Furnace 750 Kg and 500 kg.
2 Moulding
  • High pressure moulding line ( Box size 800mm x 800mm x 300mm)
  • Hand moulding.
  • Shell moudling.
  • No bake sand moulding.
3 Core process
  • Cold box.
  • Shell core shooter.
  • Manual cores.
4 Fettling
  • Shotblast machines ( Hanger type and round table type).
  • Angle grinders.
  • Table grinders.
  • Pneumatic grinders.
5 Painting booth 2 nos

Machine Shop

Our hi-tech Machine Shop is a powerhouse of precision manufacturing. We have the requisite machines, supporting equipment, and tools to produce parts/components efficiently and to your exact specifications.

List of machines in Machine shop Name of machine Make Specifications
1 HMC Doosan Table size 800x800.
2 HMC AMS Table size 630x800.
3 VMC AMS Table size 1650 x 700.
4 VMC AMS Table size 1000x450.
5 VTL Jagdeep Dia 1200 mm, swing .
6 Turning center Haas Dia 530 mm, swing 806mm.
7 Turning center ACE Designers Dia 530 mm, swing 806mm .
8 Balancing machine Dynamic balancing for pulleys .
9 Washing machine Cleantech 1200 Dia.
10 CMM Accurate 1200/1500/1000.