Quality Policy

"JPF Metacast aims to become a ‘ZERO DEFECT’ source of Casting based products by implementing and maintaining a comprehensive Quality Management System, complying with all its requirements and focusing on Continual Improvement in all the areas of our business."

Quality Objectives:

  • Reduce the cost of quality compliance
  • Increase skill levels across the organization
  • Strive for greater customer delight
  • Upgrade the infrastructure

Quality Management

Quality is the bedrock of our business. Inspired by the idea of continual improvement, we integrate best quality practices in our workflows for ensuring optimal outcomes.

We have a full-fledged Laboratory, supported by an extensive range of finely calibrated Testing equipments. These equipments are used to check the quality of sand as well as the metallurgical, dimensional, and physical properties of the components. These stringent quality checks ensure client satisfaction at all times, leading to stronger business relationships.

List of Testing Equipments

Sr.no Name No. of Machines Details
1 Radiation Survey Meter 1 0- 100 mR/Hr. & 0-1000 μS/Hr.
2 Spectrometer 1 Make : WAS ( Foundry Master )
3 Carbon Determinator 1 Find out Carbon & Sulphur.
4 Digital Carbon Equivalent Meter 2 To find out online C, Si and CE.
5 Metallurgical Microscope with image Analyzer 2 INBT2 with camera and computer interface.
6 Universal Testing Machine with Extensometer. 1 40 Ton Capacity.
7 Brinnel Hardness Tester 1
8 Mould Hardness Tester 2
9 Compression strength Machine 1 0- 100 mR/Hr. & 0-1000 μS/Hr.
10 Paint Thickness Tester (DFT) 1 0 - 1500 microns.
11 Surface finish Comparator 1
12 Millipore Kit 1 To check particles after washing the components.
13 Pyrometer 3